Lush White Sympathy

Lush white blooms for sympathy. Available from $125 to $150


Classic White Sympathy

All white classic in clear vase or white pottery. Available from $200 to $350.


Cross of Colors

A stunning cross with cymbidium orchids and hydrangeas. Available at $400 and $450


In Remembrance

A lovely wreath with orange cymbidiums and soft fall accents.


Supreme White Sympathy

The finest flowers available in a large glass vase. Available from $550 to $750.


Fondest Memories

Soft arrangement for sympathy. Available from $150 to $175


Lush Easel

Lush standing easel sprays. Available at $275 (as shown).


Grand Easel

Large easel of our finest florals in shades of yellow and white. Available at $450 (as shown) and &550


Supreme Easel

Standing easel of our finest floral selections. Available at $450 and $500 ( as shown).


Pastels Easel

Large easel of lush pastel flowers. Available at $450, $550 (as shown) and $650.


Bright Sympathy Wreath

Beautiful flowers make up this floral wreath


Sympathy Crosses

Lovely crosses may be made in pastel colors, all white or brighter tones. Available from $300 to $350.