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Where do you deliver?

Deliveries to much of the Dallas area are able to be delivered with same-day service in most cases. This includes the following zipcodes: 75225, 75235, 75205, 75209, 75206 (west of Highway 75), 75201 (North of Woodall Rodgers), 75220 and 75229 (East of Marsh Lane and South of Royal Lane). We accept same day delivery orders to the Park Cities all day. Delivery charges start at $8.00 and increase relative to their distance from our Conveyor Ln location. Farther deliveries have varying cutoff times for same day service, which will be revealed during your ordering process per zipcode.

Deliveries to the Dallas Metroplex will be delivered by our own couriers if possible; however, we may use a pooled service for areas which are further out, and many of these areas require us to have your order by 8am of the same day.

Can you take my order for flowers out of State?

In the case that a zip code falls outside of our delivery area, we will call out to a member florist in our network of Fine Florists. Depending on where the order is going, many items and pricing will differ and we will call you if there is any question.

Do you deliver wrapped flowers?

As of this time, we do not deliver wrapped flowers, but when we offer this service in the future, we will make it available to order online.

What is your minimum for delivery?

Our minimum for delivery is $50 plus delivery charge and tax. For online orders under $50, we will have it ready for you when you come in for pickup, or feel free to give us a call at 214-369-7673.

Returns and Refunds

Do you have a guarantee?

We want you to be happy. If you are not 100% satisfied, please call us at 214-369-7673 within 24 hours. We will be happy to offer a replacement, refund or come up with other alternatives to make your experience a positive one.

How can I cancel or change my order?

Cancellation and change requests can be made by calling us at 214-369-7673. We are unable to cancel or change any orders that have already been delivered or dispatched for delivery.

General Questions

Do you substitute flowers/plants?

Due to the availability of certain flowers/plants, we occasionally have to substitute some of the flowers/plants that are pictured. Our talented designers will do their best to maintain the style and color scheme of the pictured arrangement.

How long do fresh flowers last?

Most fresh flowers last 3 to 5 days or longer with proper care. Always refill a vase daily with fresh water, as the number one reason for wilted flowers is lack of water. We purchase our flowers directly from the grower and immediately process them into a specially formulated solution for rehydration. It makes a difference. When you purchase wrapped flowers, you must reprocess them before placing them in warm water. Remove any leaves which might be below the water line and give the stems a fresh cut at a steep angle with a sharp knife. Always place something protective under your container to avoid any damage from moisture.

Do you do weddings and events?

Yes, our wedding consultants will help you set up the floral aspect of your special day. Please call or email and make an appointment for a free consultation. We do events of all types from corporate functions to elaborate birthday dinners, from wedding showers to anniversary parties, informal celebrations to black tie.

How long do orchid plants bloom and what is their proper care?

The longest lasting blooming orchid is the phalaenopsis, which can bloom from one to 4 months depending on care. Orchids need bright indirect light and will rebloom year after year under the proper conditions. Watering should take place every week, depending on room temperature and humidity. An orchid should never remain in standing water. Lift the grower pot out of the decorative container, water thoroughly, drain, and replace.

When is the season for the Monarch butterfly chrysalis?

Generally from May to mid to late October, when the monarchs fly south for the winter.

Can I use my own containers?

Absolutely! Please bring us any container for us to use in creating your custom centerpiece or special arrangement.

Can I set up a Standing Order for my office?

Yes, we can definitely help you set up a variety of standing orders for the office or for the home according to your budget.

Can I use coupon and promo codes from external websites?

There are many sources of unauthorized Cebolla Fine Flowers coupons and promo codes available online. Unfortunately, we are unable to prevent the publication of these unauthorized coupons and promo codes. As a result, unauthorized coupons and promo codes will not be honored in store or online.

Are you hiring?

During major holidays we always need extra hands to deliver and help us in the store. From time to time we also hire full/part time due to our growth and love to speak to anyone with a passion for beautiful things and making people happy. Please fell free to come in anytime and fill out an application and let us know how much you want to join our wonderful Cebolla family.

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