Florist in Dallas

“Life, Truth, Beauty, Love... things to which we aspire and in failing and getting up we try to be real.” ~Luit & Jamie Huizenga

Bringing together the Best for the Best.

We don't know why we have received it, but we are grateful for it. We are grateful because time after time we have been voted Best in Dallas, from our first shop in 1989 to now. We have been featured in many fine publications. We do work for Heads of State and Heads of Households. We have been honored by so many; chosen and trusted. People say great things about us, and we usually reply with the truth: in looking back over the years the great gifts we have been given are fearless ignorance and a dogged determination to make beauty available to all who cherish it. But to whom does the credit belong? To our precious and talented staff; our superior growers and vendors; our network of the greatest support teams whom we count on and all we count as friends. Many over the years, have come and gone, but remain within our hearts. That is where we come from. Our dear clients however, are our life blood. It is you whom we love to serve, and you whom we receive our greatest joy, when we are able to bring pleasure into your life. Thank you for giving us that opportunity.

Bring Love to Your Life